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Special Wax for 3D Printing

Special Wax for 3D Printing

Appearance: Blue/white

Melting Point,℃: 70±2;55±2

Penetration(25℃),1/10 mm: ≮2

Kinematic Viscosity(100℃)mm2/s: ≮10

Application: Used directly in jewelry lost wax casting, aerospace, clothing,etc.

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3D Printing Wax Introduction

The special wax for 3D printer has the characteristics of moderate melting point, moderate softening point, high hardness and low viscosity. 3D printer with this special wax as raw material is of fast production speed and can work without people for a long time. The final product has high precision, and clean and beautiful appearance.

Application of Special Wax for 3D printing

It can be used directly in jewelry lost wax casting process, engine, aerospace, energy, custom production equipment, clothing, micro medical devices, medical implants, electrical components and figurine repair.

Specification of 3D Printing Wax




Melting Point,℃



Softening Point,℃



Penetration(25℃),1/10 mm


Kinematic Viscosity(100℃)mm2/s








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