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Application of Phase Change Paraffin Wax in Construction

Application of Phase Change Paraffin Wax in Construction

Phase change material is a new type of functional material that utilizes the heat (cold) amount of the material during the phase change, and releases the heat (cold) amount to the environment when needed, so that the ambient temperature of the material can be controlled.

The nature of energy storage and reuse of phase change materials contributes to the development of building composites with strain properties to the environment.

Phase change building materials are fabricated by combining phase change materials with building material matrices. The energy can be stored in the form of latent heat of phase change, thereby reducing indoor temperature fluctuations, improving the comfort of building heating and air conditioning and reducing building weight.

phase-change-material-PCM.jpgConsidering the requirements of the comfort of human settlements, the phase change materials that can be applied to the building structure must meet the following requirements:

1. The phase change temperature is just the temperature required for the interior design temperature or the heating and air conditioning system.

2. It has enough latent heat of phase change.

3. Phase change expansion or shrinkage is small.

4. Phase change reversibility is good, the direction of the phase change process is only determined by temperature, there is no supercooling and degradation phenomenon.

5. Non-toxic, non-corrosive, no leakage, fire prevention, no pollution to the environment.

6. The raw material is cheap and easy to make.

1555485296923166.jpgIn fact, there are few ideal phase change materials that can satisfy the above conditions. In practical applications, it is mainly based on the first two conditions to select the appropriate phase change material, and then take appropriate measures to overcome the shortcomings of the material.

Organic phase change materials mainly include: polyols, fatty acids and paraffin waxes. Among them, paraffin phase change materials have received more attention due to their excellent properties.

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