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Blending Wax/Blended Wax

Blending Wax/Blended Wax

Appearance: White solid

Drop melting point(℃)≧:68-78

Oil content%(m/m)≤:2.0

Kinematic Viscosity(100℃),mm2/s≧:4.0

Application: for the production of hot-melt adhesives

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Blending Wax Integrant

It is produced by blending other accessory ingredients into the main raw material ,picked petroleum wax.

Application of Blending Wax

It is mainly as the viscosity adjusting agent for making all kinds of hot-melt adhesives. It can increase the liquidity of the adhesive and adjust its solidification rate in order to bond rapidly.

Blending Wax Characteristics

It is white solid featuring by its proper softening point, fluidity, and high solidification rate. When it is added into the hot melt adhesive , it can realize good permeability, strong adhesivity and fast solidification. It is one of the main auxiliary for the hot melt adhesive.

Blending Wax Parameter



Test Method

Drop melting point(℃)≧



Color No.≤



Oil content%(m/m)≤



Kinematic Viscosity(100℃),mm2/s≧



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