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Candelilla Wax Wholesale

Candelilla Wax Wholesale

Appearance:Yellow Piece

Acid Value:12-22

Ester Value:31-43

Saponification Value:43-65

Application: for cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical,candle making,etc.

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What is Candelilla Wax

Candelilla wax is a yellowish-brown vegetable wax, hard, brittle and aromatic. It is derived from the leaves of the small Candelilla shrub native to northen Mexico and the southwestern Unites States.

Advantages of Candelilla Wax

  • Containing a moderate amount of resin

  • Good moisture resistance

  • Excellent emulsifying property


Candelilla Wax Uses

  • Mostly used mixed with waxes to harden them

  • Food additive

  • Used in cosmetics industry like lip balms and lotion bars

  • It is also used in pharmaceuticals, lubricants, adhesives, paper coating and sizing, chewing gum base, electric insulators, etc.


Parameter of Candelilla Wax 


Candelilla Wax 


yellow piece

Acid Value


Ester Value


Saponification Value


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