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Carving Wax for Jewelry Making

Carving Wax for Jewelry Making

Color: Blue/Green

Shape: sheet, block,rod,etc

Melting Point: ≤110℃

Application: For jewelry model,artistic creation

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Carving Hard Wax Introduction

Carving wax is a hard, smooth, non-brittle wax designed for carving and/or machining. They can be cut or carved with knives, files and rotary or machine tools. According to different needs, carving wax com in a variety of shape: block, sheet, rod and tube.

Application of Carving Wax

Carving wax is to make models of rings ,bracelets ,charms ,earrings,basically anything you can dream of in the world of jewelry or ornaments. You also can do artistic creation with it.


Specification of Carving Wax


Carving Wax


Blue, green

Melting Point≤



Jewelry model,artistic creation

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