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Chinese Insect Wax

Chinese Insect Wax

Melting point℃:81-85

Acid value(KOH mg/g):not be greater than 1

Saponification value(KOH mg/g):70-92

Iodine value(1g/100g);not be greater than 9

Application: widely used in medical, food, cosmetic,etc.

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What is Insect Wax

Insect wax ,also called Chinese wax and Chinese insect wax, is a white or yellowish-white crystalline wax with high melting point. It is secreted by the coccid insect Ericerus pela, which deposit on the twigs and branches of the Chinese Ash and Fraxinus Excelsior.

Chinese Wax Characteristics

1. High melting point (about 80°C), high hardness, good displaceability with hard wax such as carnauba wax and candelilla wax.

2. Excellent compatibility with almost all natural waxes, natural fat and oil such as plant wax, animal wax, animal fat, aliphatic acid glyceride, hydrocarbon and aliphatic alcohol etc.

3. Compared with animal and plant waxes, which are widely used at present, it exhibits the best gelation properties.

Chinese Insect Wax Uses

(1) Medicine:  widely used as brightener, coating of tablet and capsule.

(2) Industry :  Used for precision molding, metal coating, paper coating, fiber cluster, lubricant, polish agents, etc.

(3) Food:  used as the food coating and mould releasing agents in the food processing.

(4) Cosmetics : widely applied to lipstick, pomade, eyebrow pencil, eye shadow, rough lotion making etc.


Chinese Insect Wax Properties


Insect Wax

Melting point℃


Acid value(KOH mg/g)

Should not be greater than 1

Saponification value(KOH mg/g)


Iodine value(1g/100g)

Should not be greater than 9

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