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Need a best quotation? Welcome to contact us by the following ways:


Email: ffaith@ffaith-group.com

Tel: +86 -371 -60302463

Mobile/Whatsapp:+86 13783679364

Skype: ffaithgroup


Head office:Ffaith Tower,Zhengzhou City,China

Factory No.1:Industrial Zone,Jinan City,China

Factory No.2:Industrial Zone,Dalian City,China

Factory No.3:Industrial Zone,Daqing City,China

Factory No.4:Industrial Zone,Fushun City,China

Factory No.5:Industrial Zone,Tongxu County,Kaifeng City,China

Contact us

If you are interested in our paraffin wax or have any suggestions about our Machinery, please feel free to leave a message or sent email to us, we will answer your questions asap and respect your privacy. Thanks for your support.

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