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High Quality Crystal Wax for Car Coating

High Quality Crystal Wax for Car Coating

Main Component: Alkoxysilane film

Coating Type: One part type

OEM: Available

Application: Automobile body, polyurethane parts, wheels

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Crystal Wax Introduction

Crystal wax is a kind of glossy wax, which is the basic car wax for protecting paint color. It is a kind of car wax that quickly restores the brightness of car paint, and has certain anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation,anti-UV, scratch resistance, transparency and durability. Only by applying a thin layer can the car shine immediately. Since crystal wax is not easy to be decomposed, it can keep the paint bright for a longer time than the common car wax.

Crystal Coating Wax Features

  • Unparalleled luster (3D matrix structure)

  • Absolute protection against soiling (nano tech, water-repelling, durable)

  • Incredibly long-lasting (5 year warranty)

  • Quick and easy application can be done by anyone. 


Specification of Crystal Car Wax


Crystal Wax

Main Component

Alkoxysilane film

Coating Type

One part type




Automobile body, polyurethane parts, wheels

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