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High Quality Fischer-tropsch Wax

High Quality Fischer-tropsch Wax

Appearance: white slab or powder

Dropping point(℃): 100±3

Density( g/cm³): 0.93

Viscosity( mPa.s@140℃):<15

Application: for pvc processing, hot melt adhesive,etc.

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Fischer-tropsch Wax Introduction

Fischer-tropsch waxes are the hardest waxes in the world. Different FT types and forms are available no matter you want slab or powders. FT wax is produced in the mode of continuous production by using large-scaled devices, so it can ensure the stability of basic materials and finished products on a long term.

FT Wax Characteristics

1. Good thermal stability, low thermal weight loss and without low polymer

2. Non-toxic, non-irritating, high whiteness and high hardness

3. With excellent lubrication and dipersibility, it can improve the brightness and enhance the processing performance.

Fischer-tropsch Wax Application

  • For PVC and Polyolefin processing

  • For Filler Master batch

  • Hot melt adhesive

  • Processing agent of other plastics and can be used to make some special waxes


Fischer-tropsch Properties


FT Wax



Dropping point()


Density( g/cm³)


Viscosity( mPa.s@140℃)


Penetration  (dmm@25℃)


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