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Gel Wax Jelly Wax for Candle Making

Gel Wax Jelly Wax for Candle Making

Status: Gel solid

Color: Colorless and transparent

Smell: Odorless

Application: for colorful candle making and handcrafts and holiday items making

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Gel Wax Introduction

H5NRPPA0G1DIU7}}0US[@CW_副本.jpgThis gel wax is made from the best chemical refining material and high-molecular polymer based on the present advanced technology. It burns 3-4 times longer than the ordinary candle,no turbid color, smokeless,non-toxic, non-polluting, fragrant and pleasant while its cost is similar to the traditional paraffin.

Application of Jelly Candle Wax

After melting it can be used for flavoring and toning. It also can be combined with glassware to create a variety of handicrafts and holiday items such as colorful candle products,aromatherapy products in houses. Therefore, it is popular in home,birthdays, festivals, weddings, banquets, karaoke karaoke bars, hotels, hotels, coffee shops, family PARTY and other places.

Characteristics of Gel Wax

  • 100% cosmetic grade, safe to skin

  • It can be completely burned, no smoke and no odor

  • Completely enjoy DIY fun. You can decorate them according to your own thoughts.


Parameters of Gel Wax


Gel Wax for Candle Making


Gel Solid


Colorless and transparent



Freezing point

68 ℃

Boiling point

330 ℃

Flash point

190 ℃

Steam pressure

3 (20 ℃) mmHg

Mechanical impurity


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