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Special Wax for Hand Model Making

Special Wax for Hand Model Making

Appearance: White solid

Melting point: 58 ℃

Penetration(25℃): 8 mm

Application: for hand model making

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Introduction of Hand Model Making Wax

副本.jpgThis wax is white and odorless solid and of high gloss, high hardness and short hardening time. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for artistic modeling.

Characteristics of Our Special Wax

  • It is safe to infants and kids.So you can use it to record their growth track.

  • It has good high-temperature resistance. So you don’t need to worry its storage.

  • 100% clone your hands or feet. You can see their clear surface texture.

How to Use This Special Wax for Hand Model Making

1. Weight out the right amount of special wax powder and blend it with water to form a paste. Pour it into the bucket and insert the hand into it.

2. Wait for 10 minutes. After the wax is fully cured,gently move the hand to let the air in and slowly withdraw the hand from the solidified wax.

3. Put the mixed wax into the pot to melt and add the toner into it. Then put the liquid into the mold.

4. After the wax liquid solidifies,remove the wax hand from the mold. Now you get a hand model with 1:1 percentage.

5. Dip the hand model with a little wax liquid an fix it on the finished paraffin base


Specification of Hand Model Making Wax


Special Wax for Hand Model Making


White solid



Melting point(℃)


Penetration(25℃),1/10 mm


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