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How Much Do You Know about Phase Change Concrete

How Much Do You Know about Phase Change Concrete

In recent years, the development of phase change materials has entered a practical stage, especially the application of paraffin phase change material. There are five main applications in construction. Of them, one is phase change energy storage concrete.

Phase change energy storage concrete has the heat capacity unmatched by ordinary concrete materials. Using it as the outer wall material will be beneficial to the stability of indoor temperature.


Researchers use different methods to seal phase change materials into the concrete. It is found that compared with the traditional concrete, the phase change concrete block has better heat storage performance. Since the house wall has the function of heat storage and temperature regulation, which improves the indoor living comfort.

Stritih and other people studies a ventilated wall mixed with black paraffin wax. The paraffin stored heat-heated air was used for indoor ventilation. The results showed that the utilization efficiency of paraffin absorption was 79%. The wall has a suitable thickness of 50 mm, small size and light weight, which is convenient for application in building renovation.A research showed that adding phase change material to concrete can improve its thermal insulation performance, and the heat insulation effect is related to the amount of phase change material added.

1554883081240466.jpgIn the mass concrete, phase-change temperature-controlled concrete can effectively reduce the heating rate, prevent early thermal cracks caused by cement hydration heat, improve the durability of materials, and eliminate the need for cooling measures in the later stage, thus simplifying the construction process, saving engineering costs.

At present, phase change materials are only technically feasible for large-volume concrete, and phase-change temperature-controlled concrete is still in the theoretical research stage.

In one word, paraffin wax has broad prospective as phase change material in construction. Ffaith, refined paraffin wax suppliers, can provide you pure paraffin wax and phase change paraffin wax.

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