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How Much Paraffin Wax to Add to Chocolate

How Much Paraffin Wax to Add to Chocolate

Fully refined Paraffin Wax is a hard, white crystalline material derived from petroleum. They are refined by means of a carefully controlled selective solvent process into different melting point grades, each having exceptional gloss and resistance to blocking.

Their degree of purity and low odor make these waxes suitable for many applications, including food application, which is used to make fruits, vegetables, and candy look shiny, and also helps slow down moisture loss and spoilage.     

Paraffin wax has both cosmetic and functional purposes when used with chocolate. Adding paraffin wax to melted chocolate gives it a glossy finish when it hardens. It also helps the chocolate remain solid at room temperature.

People generally use a ratio of 1:10-1:6 paraffin to chocolate. If you use less than 1:10, it will not have much effect, but it does help with preventing (to some extent) the chocolate from melting in people's hands.

Not all fully refined paraffin wax are food grade paraffin wax that has stricter standards. Industrial paraffin wax is not edible, but widely used in candle, crayons, hot melt adhesive,etc. There are many paraffin wax manufacturers in China, you can look one for your business. 

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