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How to Get Quality White Ceresin Wax

How to Get Quality White Ceresin Wax

Ceresin is a waxy mixture of hydrocarbons obtained by purification of ozokerite, a naturally occurring mineral wax. It is not a vegetable wax, but more closely related to paraffin wax (petroleum wax).Market grades are purified Ozokerite obtained from lignite.

1539681272496199.jpgCeresin waxes are important in rubber compounding due to their low acid number (less interference with cure) and inert qualities. It is also widely used in cosmetics, creams, pharmaceuticals, pomades, salves/ointments, coatings, lubricants,waterproofing, adhesives, polishes and varnishes.

As an important kind of petroleum wax, how to get qualified white ceresin wax? A yellow petroleum jelly is usually produced. If a white or premium quality jelly is desired, more drastic refining methods are resorted to such as treatment with sulfuric acid to remove the remainder of the color forming constituents followed by caustic treating and then a possible clay contact.

In accordance with this invention, colored petroleum ceresins are decolorized to form premium quality water white to milky white materials by passing the colored petroleum ceresin material in the presence of hydrogen over a sulfur containing catalyst comprising at least one metal selected from group VI-Band group VIII of the periodic table under saturate hydrogenation and non-cracking conditions of temperature and pressure.

The occurrence of any cracking concurrent with the desired hydrogenation process results in either a loss of yield or an impairment of the consistency and quality of the product. Accordingly, the saturation process must occur by employing catalysts and conditions which provide the necessarily high hydrogenation activity while substantially avoiding any hydro cracking. 

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In order to avoid any substantial loss of yield in accordance with this invention the amount of hydro cracking should not be above 10 percent and should preferably be below 5 percent. Most preferably, no hydrocrack ing should occur.

In one word, there is a complex process to get premier ceresin wax which has strict technological requirements. Small factories can’t reach such level. Nongle Industrial Group can make it since we have technological support from Sinopec and Petrochina.

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