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How to Make Building Insulation Material with Paraffin Wax

How to Make Building Insulation Material with Paraffin Wax

Incorporating phase change paraffin wax into thermal insulation materials to prepare high-efficiency energy-saving building insulation materials has been widely recognized in the field of building energy conservation in recent years.

Chinese researchers used paraffin as a phase change energy storage material, and prepared fibers from cement, fly ash, plasticizer, water reducer, polypropylene fiber, expanded polyphenyl granules and expanded perlite to enhance building insulation materials.

1565237182272233.jpgThey used self-designed testing equipment to test the temperature regulation, stability and energy-saving effects. The results show that the paraffin phase change material has superior temperature regulation and energy saving effect compared with common materials, and the stability is good.

When the temperature of the phase change energy storage plate made of 70% emulsified paraffin wax fluctuates between 20 and 30 °C, the specific heat capacity is nearly 4 times higher than that of the blank plate. The heat storage coefficient is 60% higher than that of the empty plate.

Other Chinese researchers respectively use butyl stearate andphase change paraffin as phase change materials, polyvinyl alcohol as dispersant and gypsum board as carrier to make phase change energy storage gypsum board by direct adding method.

1554775456913847.jpgThe results showed that the phase change temperature of the energy storage gypsum board is close to the summer indoor comfort temperature of 26℃and the winter indoor comfort temperature of 21℃.

The energy storage capacity of the two phase change energy storage gypsum boards is 10 times that of ordinary gypsum board. The water absorption is only 1/3 of that of ordinary gypsum board, which is beneficial to use in the high humidity environment.

But due to the technical and economical reason, paraffin phase change building insulation materials are still in the laboratory stage. Phase change energy storage material is a promising application of paraffin wax.

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