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Natural Dental Wax|Orthodontic Wax

Natural Dental Wax|Orthodontic Wax

Raw Material: Food-grade paraffin-based wax

Color: Blue, pink, green, orange, purple,etc.

Size: 4.5 *2.5 cm


Application:Hospitals, clinics, dentist, distributors

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Dental Wax Introduction

Dental wax, also known as orthodontic or relief wax, is an edible dental product made from natural wax, such as beeswax, carnauba wax, or paraffin wax. It is designed for relieving the discomfort of a person newly fitted with braces like irritation caused by orthodontic wires and clasps. 

Features of Orthodontic Wax

  • Rich colors and taste: Sky blue, pink, green, orange, purple.

  • Made with medical-grade paraffin-based wax

  • A must-have product to help soothe and prevent irritation to the gum

  • Prevent orthodontic wire from piercing the oral lining

  • Long period of validity 


How Does Dental Wax Work?

The special properties of dental wax make it perfect for protecting your gums from the metal edges of braces. The wax is solid at room temperature, but can be softened and shaped by the warmth of your hands. Smoothed onto braces, it sticks to them and creates a buffer between the brackets and the gums. Dental wax remains smooth while in the mouth, and harmlessly flakes away or peels off as it breaks down.

Specification of Relief Wax


Dental Relief Wax


Food-grade paraffin-based wax


Blue, pink, green, orange, purple




4.5 *2.5 cm


Hospitals, clinics, dentist, distributors

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