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Pure Spermaceti Wax Wholesale

Color: white, translucent

Purity: 99%

Melting point: 45~49

Saponication(mg KOH/g): 116~125

Application: cosmetics and candle production

  • Duration

100% Natural Lanolin Wax

Melting point: 38-44℃

Heavy metal: ≤10mg/kg

Acid value: ≤1.0mgKOH/g

Ash: ≤0.15%

Application: for cosmetics, personal care, health care, industrial uses,etc.

  • Duration

Quality Shellac Wax for Sale

Color: Grey

Acid NO.(mgKOH/kg):2-25

Saponification No.: 30-65

Application: french polish,glazing agent, dye material,etc.

  • Duration

Chinese Insect Wax

Melting point℃:81-85

Acid value(KOH mg/g):not be greater than 1

Saponification value(KOH mg/g):70-92

Iodine value(1g/100g);not be greater than 9

Application: widely used in medical, food, cosmetic,etc.

  • Duration

100 Pure Beeswax for Sale

Appearance: Yellowish pellets or sheet

Acide value (KOH mg/g):15.8

Saponification value( KOH mg/g):87

Melting point(℃): 62.5

Application:candle making, food, skin care and cosmetics.

  • Duration

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