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Carving Wax for Jewelry Making

Color: Blue/Green

Shape: sheet, block,rod,etc

Melting Point: ≤110℃

Application: For jewelry model,artistic creation

  • Duration

Special Beauty Wax for Skin Care

Appearance: Crystal clear paste

Melting Point: 48 ℃

Oil Content: 0.7%

Application: For keeping skin soft and moist

  • Duration

High Quality Crystal Wax for Car Coating

Main Component: Alkoxysilane film

Coating Type: One part type

OEM: Available

Application: Automobile body, polyurethane parts, wheels

  • Duration

Wax Roll for Textile Industry


Melting point,℃:54-63

Penetration (25℃)1/10 mm:10-24

Application: Mainly used in textile industry

  • Duration

Special Wax|Soft Microcrystal Wax

Appearance: Milky white to yellow-white solid

Drop Melting Point,℃: 77-82

Penetration(25℃),1/10 mm≧: 20

Kinematic Visosity(100℃)mm2/s≧:10

Application: main raw material of rubber-protective wax and other special waxes.

  • Duration

White Soft Paraffin|Soft Paraffin Wax

Appearance: white or yellow solid

Penetration(25℃),1/10 mm≧: 35

Oil Content,%≤: 2.5

Application: for cosmetics, paper coating,etc and raw material of other special waxes

  • Duration

Special Wax|Bottle Sealing Wax

Drop Melting Point: 68-73 ℃

Penetration(25℃): 14-18 mm

Shrinkage: ≤2%

Kinematic Visosity(100℃): 125-145 mm2/s

Application: For bottle-made handcraft sealing

  • Duration

Special Wax|Power Capacitor Wax

Appearance: white solid

Drop Melting Point,℃:66-72


Volum Resistivity(50℃),Ω·m>: 1*1012

Application: Used in the electronics industry dipping wax of capacitors

  • Duration

Special Wax|Packing Paper Wax

Appearance: Brownish-yellow solid

Melting Point,℃: 56-60

Oil Content,%≤: 7

Kinematic Visosity(100℃)mm2/s≧:4

Application: for making explosive packing paper tube

  • Duration

Special Wax for Seed Enwrapping

Species: 1# and 2#

Softening point,℃: 52-62

Absorbance≧: 0.45,0.15

Application: Used in compound fertilizer production

  • Duration

Special Wax for Slow-released Fertilizer

Drop melting point(℃):74-78

Penetration(25℃), 1/10 mm:12-15

Oil content(%≤):2.8

Application: Used as coating material

  • Duration

Blending Wax/Blended Wax

Appearance: White solid

Drop melting point(℃)≧:68-78

Oil content%(m/m)≤:2.0

Kinematic Viscosity(100℃),mm2/s≧:4.0

Application: for the production of hot-melt adhesives

  • Duration
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