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Special Wax For Fire-proof Material

Drop melting point(℃):76-86,78-82,65-75

Penetration(25℃), 1/10 mm: 30-40,24-36,70-110

Oil content%(m/m): 15-20,2-3.5,35-40

Application: For the production of fire-proof material

  • Duration

Special Wax for Poultry Processing

Appearance: Yellow solid

Melting point: 50-65 ℃

Oil content: 0.5

Application: to remove the feathers and fine fluff of poultry

  • Duration

Stain Proof Agent for Marble and Polished Tile

Appearance: colorless or light yellow liquid

Solid Content:8-12%

Flash Point(closed): ≧ 33℃

Application: For keeping marble, granite, polished tile,etc. clean and bright

  • Duration

Chewing Gum Base Wax

Appearance: Milky white solid

Drop melting point(℃): 80.6-86.1; 90-104

Heavy metal (in Pb),mg/Kg: ≤10,3

Application: for making chewing gum and bubble gum chewy

  • Duration

Floor Moisture-proof Wax

Appearance: light yellow solid

Drop melting point(℃): 67-77

Oil Content(%≤): 3

Kinematic viscosity(100℃) ㎜2/s: 6

Application: For proling the service life of wood floor

  • Duration

Investment Casting Wax|Precision Casting Wax

Ash: <0.1%

Shrinkage: <2%

Bending strength: <4 Mpa

Application: for precision casting and investment casting

  • Duration

Special Emulsifying Wax for Latex Glove

Appearance: Milky white fluid

Granularity:≤4 μm

Storage stability: ≧3 month

Application: for latex glove production

  • Duration

Non-toxic Fruit Preservation Wax

Drop melting point(℃≧):67

Oil content(%≤):2.0


Application: for fruit and vegetable preserving

  • Duration

Phase Change Paraffin Wax

Phase-change enthalpy(J/g): ≧120

Color number: ≤2.0

Normal alkane content: ≧90%

Application: for energy storage and controllable release.

  • Duration

Special Wax|Anti-rust Wax

Moisture Content(m/m,%)≤:0.5-1.0

Drop melting point,℃: 75-82

Density(20℃),kg/m³: 859,886,891

Application:anti-rust, anti-corrosion of vehicles and machines.

  • Duration

Special Compound Wax for Explosive

Drop melting point,℃: 58-75

Kinematic Viscosity(100℃),mm2/s:7-10,10-20

Flash point,℃(open): Min 200

Mechanical Impurities(m/m,%): 0.05

Application: to improve explosive performance and safety.

  • Duration

Top Quality Rubber Protective Wax

Color: white/light yellow

Carbon peak:C30~C32

Drop melting point: 60~66 ℃

Penetration(25℃,1/10mm): 10~20

Application: to prolong rubber products’ life

  • Duration
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