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Pure Bayberry Wax Wholesale

Appearance:Greenish powder or sheet


Ratio products:5:1,10:1,20:1

Application: for food additive, health-care products,candle making,etc.

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Sumac Wax|Japan Wax for Sale

Melting point: 51 °C

Iodine value: 45-12.6

Acid value: 6-209

Saponification value: 220

Application: cosmetic products, pencil making, furniture protection,etc.

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Best Soy Wax Wholesale

Raw Material: 100% hydrogenated vegetable oil

Melting point: 42-54 °C

Moisture: 0.04%

Application: For candles, crayon, cosmetics, massage oil making.

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Natural Palm Wax|Palm Wax Wholesale

Shape: Powder/flaky

Drop Point:82-86℃

Saponification value: 78-95

Feature: higher melt point,large crystal molecular structure

Application: Candle making,cosmetics products,various polishes,etc.

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Best Montan Wax for Sale

Melting point: 85°C

Benzene-insoluble: 0.45%

Ash: 0.14%

Acid value: 38

Application: Used in industrial pigments, waterproof materials, adhesives,etc.

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Best Stearic Acid for Sale

Shape:stearic acid wax pellet

Freezing Point: 52-57 ℃

Moisuture: ≤ 0.2%

Colour and Iustre:≤400 hazen

Application: detergent, soap, cosmetics, casting, candle production

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Industrial Vaseline for Sale

Appearance: Yellow translucent soft unctuous

Drop Point : 53°C

Cone Penetration : 135 mm

Package: new plastic or flexi containers

Application: A lubricant in many industries and for anti-wear, anti-fatigue, and anti-corrosion.

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Superior Supplier of Mineral Oil

Appearance: Colorless and odorless liquid

Kinematic viscosity(100℃):5-16 ㎡/s

Flash Point :≧230℃

Pour point: ≤-20℃

Application: rubber products, lubricating oil,tensile oil,PE production,etc.

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Natural Dental Wax|Orthodontic Wax

Raw Material: Food-grade paraffin-based wax

Color: Blue, pink, green, orange, purple,etc.

Size: 4.5 *2.5 cm


Application:Hospitals, clinics, dentist, distributors

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Gel Wax Jelly Wax for Candle Making

Status: Gel solid

Color: Colorless and transparent

Smell: Odorless

Application: for colorful candle making and handcrafts and holiday items making

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