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100% Organic Jojoba Oil

Appearance: a clear, golden-colored, unsaturated liquid wax

Odour: no scent or greasy feel

Acid Value: ≤0.35   

Iodine value: 84.2 

Application: moisturizer, massage medium, antioxidant,etc

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Castor Wax|Hydrogenated Castor Oil

Melting Point(℃)≥: 85.4

Acid Value(mg KOH/g): 1.6

Saponication(mg KOH/g): 180.7

Iodine Value(gl/100g)≤:2.3

Application: cosmetic and industrial applications

  • Duration

Refined Rice Bran Wax for Sale

Appearance: yellowish granular

Melting Point (ºC): 70-75

Saponification Value: 85-120

Acid Value 3-15

Application: cosmetics, high-carbon aliphatic alcohol, antistaling agent,etc.

  • Duration

Candelilla Wax Wholesale

Appearance:Yellow Piece

Acid Value:12-22

Ester Value:31-43

Saponification Value:43-65

Application: for cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical,candle making,etc.

  • Duration

Pure Bayberry Wax Wholesale

Appearance:Greenish powder or sheet


Ratio products:5:1,10:1,20:1

Application: for food additive, health-care products,candle making,etc.

  • Duration

Sumac Wax|Japan Wax for Sale

Melting point: 51 °C

Iodine value: 45-12.6

Acid value: 6-209

Saponification value: 220

Application: cosmetic products, pencil making, furniture protection,etc.

  • Duration

Best Soy Wax Wholesale

Raw Material: 100% hydrogenated vegetable oil

Melting point: 42-54 °C

Moisture: 0.04%

Application: For candles, crayon, cosmetics, massage oil making.

  • Duration

Natural Palm Wax|Palm Wax Wholesale

Shape: Powder/flaky

Drop Point:82-86℃

Saponification value: 78-95

Feature: higher melt point,large crystal molecular structure

Application: Candle making,cosmetics products,various polishes,etc.

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