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Pros and Cons of Paraffin Phase Change Materials

Pros and Cons of Paraffin Phase Change Materials

Paraffin wax has an idea heat of fusion compared to hydrated salt. Different paraffin-like substances with different numbers of carbon atoms can be selected to obtain different phase transition temperatures and the latent heat of phase transformation is between 160 and 270 kJ/kg.

1-s2.0-S0950061813003541-gr1.jpgThe advantage of paraffin wax as phase change material is that it has no supercooling and precipitation phenomenon, and is of stable performance, non-toxic, non corrosive and cheap.

The disadvantages are: low thermal conductivity, low density, and poor heat storage capacity per unit volume. Moreover, the volume changes a lot from solid to liquid in the phase change process. It also has the tendency to leave the container wall during solidification.

How to solve this problem? There are two methods: physical blending method and microencapsulation technology. For getting better effect, these technologies also need further research.

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