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Top Quality Rubber Protective Wax

Top Quality Rubber Protective Wax

Color: white/light yellow

Carbon peak:C30~C32

Drop melting point: 60~66 ℃

Penetration(25℃,1/10mm): 10~20

Application: to prolong rubber products’ life

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Rubber Protective Wax Introduction

Rubber protective was is a kind of special wax. Its main function is to prevent rubber’s chemical reactions with ozone and other chemical substances in the air as well as aging effect caused by light and heat, thus extending the life of rubber products greatly.

Rubber Protective Wax Application

It is suitable for radial tires, high-end motorcycle tires, dynamic&static products, extruded products, molded products, door and window strips, shower caps, rubber shoes, hoses, sponge products, rubber boats, washing machines, fire pipes,etc.

 5M-P-Self-Adhesive-Foam-Weather-Draught-Excluder-Seal-Door-Window-Strip-Roll.jpg_640x640_副本 (2).jpg

Parts Index of Rubber Protective Wax


Rubber Protective Wax 

Drop melting point


Kinematic Viscosity100℃mm2/s




Refractive index (80 ℃)



White/light yellow

Isoparaffin content%


Carbon peak


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