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Quality Shellac Wax for Sale

Quality Shellac Wax for Sale

Color: Grey

Acid NO.(mgKOH/kg):2-25

Saponification No.: 30-65

Application: french polish,glazing agent, dye material,etc.

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What is Shellac Wax

The lacquer wax is also called shellac wax, and the component of the lac wax is mainly honeybee acid and a mixture thereof with melamine. The lacquer wax has a carbon number of 28 to 34 and contains an alcohol group. It is a hard natural wax which is rare in nature. It has high hardness, good gloss, strong solvent retention and superior performance over carnauba wax and montan wax.  It is processed and sold as dry flakes (pictured) .

Shellac Wax Uses

1. It is the central element of the traditional "French polish" method of finishing furniture, fine string instruments, and pianos.

2. Shellac, edible, is used as a glazing agent on pills and sweets. Shellac is used as a 'wax' coating on citrus fruit to prolong its shelf/storage life. It is also used to replace the natural wax of the apple, which is removed during the cleaning process. 

3. shellac is also used as a barrier or primer coat on wood to prevent the bleeding of resin or pigments into the final finish, or to prevent wood stain from blotching.

4. Shellac has traditionally been used as a dye for cotton and, especially, silk cloth in Thailand, particularly in the north-eastern region.


Lacquer Wax Properties


Shellac Wax



Acid No.(mgKOH/kg


Saponification No.




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