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Special Emulsifying Wax for Latex Glove

Special Emulsifying Wax for Latex Glove

Appearance: Milky white fluid

Granularity:≤4 μm

Storage stability: ≧3 month

Application: for latex glove production

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Special Emulsifying Wax Introduction

This product is emulsified from paraffin wax, additives and suitable emulsifying materials. In the manufacturing process of latex gloves, the use of emulsifying wax is an indispensable part. The use of emulsifying wax can improve the anti-stickiness of the mold, the aging resistance of the gloves and decrease the electrical conductivity.

Characteristics of Special Emulsifying Wax

It is milky white fluid and of good emulsifying effect, uniform particle size and good coverage, therefore it is more and more widely used in the latex glove industry.

Storage Tips

During storage and transportation, keep the package complete under room temperature and prevent it from light.


Special Emulsifying Wax Specification



Test Method


milky white fluid

Visual method


4 μm

Particle size analyzer

Solid content(%≧)


Water evaporation method

Storage stability≧

3 month


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