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Stain Proof Agent for Marble and Polished Tile

Stain Proof Agent for Marble and Polished Tile

Appearance: colorless or light yellow liquid

Solid Content:8-12%

Flash Point(closed): ≧ 33℃

Application: For keeping marble, granite, polished tile,etc. clean and bright

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Stain Proof Agent for Polished Tile

This product is formulated with petroleum wax and other auxiliary substances. It can be used in the production of marble, artificial marble, granite and polished tiles. The function is to form a high-strength polymer filling layer in the micropores on the surface of them, thereby preventing moisture and dirt from penetrating into the interior of them.

Special Wax Stain Proof Agent Characteristics

The product is colorless or light yellow liquid, with good anti-fouling performance, strong brightness and moderate solid content.

How to Store and Transport Stain Proof Agent

During storage and transportation prevent the packing from being damaged. This product should be kept in a dry, ventilating environment with the temperature below 50℃against fire and light. Besides, the concentration of oil and gas in the air must not exceed 0.3 mg/L.

Stain Proof Agent for Marble Parameter



Test Method


Colorless or light yellow liquid

Visual method

Solid content(%)



Flash point(closed)℃≧



Curing time(h)



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