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Sumac Wax|Japan Wax for Sale

Sumac Wax|Japan Wax for Sale

Melting point: 51 °C

Iodine value: 45-12.6

Acid value: 6-209

Saponification value: 220

Application: cosmetic products, pencil making, furniture protection,etc.

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What is Sumac Wax

Sumac wax, also known as Japan wax and China green tallow, is a pale-yellow, waxy, water-insoluble solid with a gummy feel, which is obtained from a certain of sumacs native to Japan and China, especially China has a long history of producing and using sumac wax since 600 years ago.

Application of Japan Wax

1. Cosmetics Industry: eyebrow pencils, hair wax, body cream, face cream,etc.

2. Pen Industry: pencil manufacturing

3. It is also widely used in wood, furniture, printing and paint industry.


Specification of Sumac Wax


Sumac Wax

Melting Point

 51 °C

Specific gravity


Iodine value


Acid value


Saponification value


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