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The Import and Export of Chinese Paraffin Wax

China paraffin wax exporting volume has been increasing. Paraffin wax price has been kept in a low level in recent years while paraffin wax price and types of paraffin wax has been improved greatly.

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The Impact of Chinese Paraffin on Global Market

China is the world’s largest paraffin wax producer and exporter. It owes its market to reasonable paraffin wax price and superior paraffin wax quality. Chinese paraffin market has great impact on global market.

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Global Paraffin Supply and Demand Situation

In recent years, Chinese paraffin wax export has been increasing. Many paraffin wax manufacturers grasp this opportunity to develop diverse types and improve quality. Ffaith is one of them.

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Review and Outlook of The Paraffin Market in August 2019

In the first half of 2019, Chinese paraffin wax exporting has been increasing but its paraffin wax price is kept in a low level. Paraffin wax manufacturers in China are adjusting product structure and improving quality.

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The Latest Chinese Paraffin Wax Market in The First Half 2019

In the first half of 2019, paraffin wax price is the lowest in the recent three years, and paraffin wax market is not positive. What will be the situation of the second half year of 2019? Learn more here.

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Effect of PetroChina Sales Model Change on Paraffin Wax Market

Following the unified sales of Sinopec paraffin wax products in April 2011, in June 2019, PetroChina will also accept the unified sales model. The paraffin wax resources of PetroChina account for 7...

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