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Special Wax for Hand Model Making

Appearance: White solid

Melting point: 58 ℃

Penetration(25℃): 8 mm

Application: for hand model making

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Special Wax for Slow-released Fertilizer

Drop melting point(℃):74-78

Penetration(25℃), 1/10 mm:12-15

Oil content(%≤):2.8

Application: Used as coating material

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Stain Proof Agent for Marble and Polished Tile

Appearance: colorless or light yellow liquid

Solid Content:8-12%

Flash Point(closed): ≧ 33℃

Application: For keeping marble, granite, polished tile,etc. clean and bright

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Special Compound Wax for Explosive

Drop melting point,℃: 58-75

Kinematic Viscosity(100℃),mm2/s:7-10,10-20

Flash point,℃(open): Min 200

Mechanical Impurities(m/m,%): 0.05

Application: to improve explosive performance and safety.

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Top Quality Rubber Protective Wax

Color: white/light yellow

Carbon peak:C30~C32

Drop melting point: 60~66 ℃

Penetration(25℃,1/10mm): 10~20

Application: to prolong rubber products’ life

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