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Wax Roll for Textile Industry

Wax Roll for Textile Industry


Melting point,℃:54-63

Penetration (25℃)1/10 mm:10-24

Application: Mainly used in textile industry

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Textile Wax Introduction

This product is made of high quality imported raw materials and is made by special equipment. The products are mainly used for winding machine, double twisting machine, grooved machine, hair removal machine and fabric treatment.

Advantage of Our Textile Wax

It has excellent performance in improving the quality of cloth and working efficiency, saving needle consumption,reducing machine damage and decreasing labor intensity. By adding non-ionic surfactant in the wax roll, the lubricity and water solubility of the yarn after waxing are up to international standards. These phenomenon that the surface of the waxed yarn is whitish and difficult to color disappear, thus improving the product quality and economic benefits of the manufacturer.


How to Choose a Good Textile Wax

Wax roll manufacturer is very less in the market while we have long stable cooperation with top manufacturer in China. We provide you all parameters of our wax rolls and you can use it to be well known and choose the best suitable products.

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Industrial Wax Roll Parameters


Industrial Wax Roll



Melting point,℃


Penetration (25℃)1/10 mm


Kinematic Viscosity(100℃),mm2/s


Wax amount


Water soluble(6080)


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