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The Uses of Paraffin Wax

The Uses of Paraffin Wax

1537936213544349.jpgParaffin wax is a white or colourless soft solid, derived from petroleum, coal or oil shale. The paraffin waxes are generally divided into fully-refined wax, semi-refined wax, food-grade paraffin wax, microcrystalline wax, vaseline and special wax.

The main difference of fully-refined and semi-refined paraffin waxes are oil content. The fully refined paraffin wax is mainly used in high-frequency porcelain, carbon paper, stylus wax paper, precision casting, decorative sound-absorbing panels,etc. It is also used in packaging, electronics, textile candles, crayons, match making, high-grade candles, additives and modifiers,etc.

how_to_burn.jpgThe semi-refined paraffin wax is of good moisture resistance and insulation properties. And the candle made from it has concentrate fire and no irritation to the eyes. So it is mainly used in candle making, crayons, wax paper, general telecommunications equipment and chemical material.

Food-grade paraffin wax consists of vegetable oils, palm oil derivatives and synthetic resins plus other materials, passes through the body undigested and contains no nutritional value. The wax is applied in a thin coating to protect the outer surface and roots to preserve freshness. It is also used as food additive in some candy brands, chocolates and canning.

Another big application of paraffin wax is cosmetics. Paraffin in products can found under the following names: paraffinum liquidum, mineral oil,petrolatum, vaseline, oleum paraffini. It is included in balms, shampoos, creams, foundations and even pharmaceuticals. Paraffin is also an ingredients of hand and foot care products. It works perfectly for scaly, dry and irritated epidermis.


To meet some special requirement in specific field, there is special wax developed based on paraffin wax. Here I’d like to list some for you: rubber protective wax, special compound wax for explosive, anti-rust wax, fruit preservative wax, battery wax, dental wax, jelly candle wax, chewing gum base wax,etc. You can find all these waxes that I have mentioned on this website.

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