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What is Paraffin Phase Change Gypsum Board

What is Paraffin Phase Change Gypsum Board

In recent years, the development of phase change materials has entered a practical stage, especially the application of paraffin phase change material. There are five main applications in construction. Of them, one is phase change gypsum board.

Phase change energy storage gypsum board is a wall material with gypsum board as the base and mixed with phase change material, which is mainly used as the inner PhaseC2_副本.jpgside material of the outer wall.

Some scholars have added octadecane to the gypsum board to make a phase change wallboard. Compared with ordinary gypsum board, its thermal load is reduced, comfort degree is improved and power consumption is reduced.

Some phase change gypsum board is prepared by using paraffin as phase change material. According to the analysis of the related instruments, it is found that the heat storage capacity of gypsum board after paraffin addition is greatly improved.The thermal insulation performance is also significantly better than ordinary gypsum board and has good durability.

1555485296923166.jpgAnother solution is to use the normal temperature phase change paraffin as the energy storage medium and the porous ceramsite as the adsorption carrier to make a particle-type phase change energy storage material with good thermal stability and low cost. By adding this material, it can significantly increase the energy storage density of gypsum board and prolong the heat storage time.

However, since the adsorption technology is a non-complete encapsulation technology, there will be different degrees of leakage of paraffin wax in the long-term use process, and the thermal performance will also appear aging and decline, which needs to be continuously improved.

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