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What Is the Raw Material of The Candle

What Is the Raw Material of The Candle

The main raw material of candles are paraffin wax which is derived from the waxy fraction of  petroleum. Paraffin waxes are predominately composed of normal, straight chain hydrocarbons. They vary from 18 to 40 carbon atoms and their chain length (i.e. molecular weight) determines their average melting point.

1537936257619349.jpgWhen the candle burns, it is not the burning of paraffin solids. The fact is that after the cotton wick is ignited, the released heat melts the paraffin wax to produce steam. Paraffin vapor is flammable.

Considering the burning quality and season change,choosing which kind of paraffin wax is very important. There are three factors: refining degree, oil content and melting point.

Refining Degree

According to the refining degree, paraffin wax can be divided into three kinds: fully refined paraffin wax, semi refined paraffin wax and crude wax. Now most candle makers choose fully refined paraffin wax for it will not easily produce soot and is no harm to our body.

Oil Content

1554949991656832.jpgOil content also has great impact on burning quality. Fully refined paraffin wax or semi refined paraffin wax has moderate oil content. Therefore, in some regions, people also choose semi refined paraffin wax for candle making.

You can’t tell the difference between semi refined and fully refined paraffin waxes only by observation. So when you buy candles, just choose reliable brands.

Melting Point

The melting point of paraffin wax is usually from 48 to 66 ℃. Most candle makes choose fully refined paraffin 56 58 for candle making. Low melting point paraffin wax is easy to become deformed in summer.

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