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What is Paraffin Wax Used for

What is Paraffin Wax Used for

Paraffin wax is generally obtained by distillation, dewaxing, and refining. Depending on the process, paraffin wax can be applied in different fields such as industrial, food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics products(as shown below). In addition, in order to adapt to the special requirements of a certain field, we also have developed various special waxes. Due to the complicated process, if a producer without solid R&D power, the quality of the produced paraffin wax will be very poor.


As a big manufacturer in China, we supply quality paraffin wax used in different fields. Now we will list some main applications for you. Crude paraffin wax, semi-refined and fully refined paraffin wax all can be used for industry field. Due to its high oil content, crude paraffin is widely used in the manufacturing of matches, canvas, fiberboard,etc. 

melting paraffin wax.jpgBecause of the growing strain of animal wax and plant wax resources, most of the current candles are made of semi-refined and fully refined paraffin. They are also be used in the manufacturing of crayons, packaging paper, general telecommunications materials, wood industry, light industry, chemical raw material, high frequency porcelain, carbon paper, precision casting,etc.

Edible paraffin wax is used in a variety of applications, from commercial to homemade foods like a wrapper on hard cheeses, preservation coat on fruit, sausages, shiny coating for chocolate,etc. It also shows up in candy bars to keep them from melting in your hand.

In the pharmaceutical industry, paraffin wax is used for tablet coating and auxiliary supplies in some medical operation such as catheterization. Another well-known applications is to help increase blood flow, relax muscle, decrease joint stiff and relieve pain caused by osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia,etc.

Paraffin wax is also widely used in various kinds of cosmetics products like balms, shampoos, creams, foundations, lipstick,etc. Paraffin is also an ingredient of hand and foot care products. It deeply moisturizes and softens rough and hard package box.jpgheel skin. Many salons and spas like to use it for customers. It is also a popular heath care way at home.

The last but not the least, many fields need special wax such as battery sealing, 3D printing, bamboo floor polish, gel candle making,etc. We need some additives to improve its characteristics to meet these special requirements. We also can offer special wax for you.

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