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Where to Buy Paraffin Wax

Where to Buy Paraffin Wax

Before purchasing, we should know what is paraffin wax and how to judge whether a kind of paraffin wax is what you need. Paraffin wax is a byproduct of the oil purification process. Through a dewaxing process that crude oil undergoes, paraffin wax is derived and is then processed further for use in products.

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It is mainly divided into crude, semi-refined and fully refined paraffin wax. There are some main parameter to judge whether it is qualified: melting point, oil content, color, light stability, penetration, kinematic viscosity, odor, water-soluble acid and alkali, mechanical impurities or moisture.

However, we can't judge from its appearance. As have mentioned, paraffin wax is refined from crude oil. Therefore, the quality of crude oil has great effect on the quality of paraffin wax. Choosing a reliable manufacturer is the simplest and best way to get your ideal paraffin wax. If you only need very little, you can search on Ebay, Amazon, Aliexpress,etc. But if you want to buy a large amount of paraffin wax as raw material, you can go to Alibaba or the website of each big manufacturer.

In China, Petrochina and Sinopec are two big manufacturers of crude oil and the related products. They follow the strict standards and has solid base to continuously improve quality. Ffaith Industry Group is the first agent of them, so we can give you the best price and consistent quality. Our petroleum wax includes paraffin wax, microcrystal wax, vaseline, mineral oil, chlorinated paraffin. Welcome to choose them from us.

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