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Which Impurities Does Paraffin Wax Have?

Which Impurities Does Paraffin Wax Have?

Paraffin is separated from petroleum crude oil. After the crude oil is distilled from gasoline, kerosene and diesel oil in the atmospheric tower, the residual part is called waxy distillate oil. It is further processed into dewaxed oil( the main component of lubricating oil) and paraffin wax by freezing press and solvent dewaxing.

This is Industrial crude wax, which is inevitable to have some impurities. If this paraffin wax is used in food or medical field, it may be bad for our body. Which impurities does the paraffin wax have?

1554775456913847.jpgAcidity and alkalinity

Industrial wax production process often uses acid and alkali refining. If the treatment is not good, residual acid and alkali will cause corrosive damage to human organs.

Oil content

When paraffin wax and microcrystalline paraffin are separated from waxy fraction oil or residue, more or less oil will be left in the wax. Most of its components are branched paraffin, which has no direct effect on human health, but it will have adverse effects on the smell, taste and sensation when paraffin wax is used for food.

Biological and debris pollution

Although in the petroleum refining process, microorganisms cannot survive and remain in mineral wax after high temperature. But as an industrial paraffin wax, the packaging process is open and there is hygienic requirement for the packaging, harmful impurities may be mixed into it.

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon

Crude oil and various types of gasoline, kerosene, diesel products, etc. separated from crude oil, are mixtures of various hydrocarbons. Of these hydrocarbons, there is polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, including naphthalene, anthracene, phenanthrene and its homologues. It is toxic and harmful to the body.

1555485296923166.jpgHeavy metal

Due to the different origin of crude oil, some geological structures contain heavy metals that may also enter the crude oil. During the refining process, catalysts and other auxiliaries will also bring in some heavy metals, most of which will enter the residual oil.

If the further separation is not well controlled, even a small amount of them are left, which can cause serious harm to the human body.

Therefore, choosing a reliable paraffin wax manufacturer is also a guarantee to get pure paraffin wax. If paraffin wax is used in food and medical field, it needs fully refining to remove impurities. For quality candle making, we also usually choose fully refined paraffin wax.

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