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White Ceresin Wax for Sale

White Ceresin Wax for Sale

Melting Point: 95~102 ℃

Oil Content: 0.5%

Penetration(25℃): 3-8 mm

Color: White

Shape: Pellet/Sheet

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What is Ceresin Wax

Ceresin(also cerin, cerasin, cerosin, ceresin wax, ceresine) is a wax derived from ozokerite by a purifying process. It is a high-boiling long-chain with a melting point of 95~102℃ and white color.

Performance Advantage of white Ceresin Wax

Ceresin is of good ductility and hardness, not fragile at low temperature and not easy to soften at high temperature. It can miscible with various mineral waxes, vegetable waxes and hot fatty oils. When mixed with liquid oil, it can prevent oil separation and precipitation.

Cerasin Application

  1. Electrical insulation materialinsole-shoes-vamp-hot-melt-adhesive-500x500_副本.jpg

  2. Rubber anti-oxidation and anti-oxidation material

  3. Textile and spinning wax processing

  4. Shoe glazing

  5. Hot melt adhesive processing

  6. Glazing agent for paste products

  7. Vaseline processing

  8. Carbon paper manufacturing

  9. Candle making

  10. Packaging impregnation and fruit coating


Technical Data of Ceresin Wax

Product Name

White Cerasin Wax

Melting Point


Oil Content



3-8 mm





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